16 September 2009

[sobat-hutan] 2009-10 UNEP Sasakawa Prize nominations open


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FYI, Devin


2009-10 UNEP Sasakawa Prize nominations open
Theme: Green Solutions to Combat Climate Change
Each year the UNEP Sasakawa Prize honors a deserving laureate in the sustainable development field. Aside from the prestigious title, the winning
laureate also receives a cash prize of $200,000 to enable the growth and
replication of their groundbreaking initiatives. With a different theme each
year, the Prize highlights sustainable and replicable work being done around
the world. In a year that will see global leaders meet in Copenhagen for the
most important climate conference since 1997, the UNEP Sasakawa Prize will
accept nominations within the theme: Green Solutions to Combat Climate Change.
Projects that promote adaptation and mitigation through clean energy and clean
technologies, including waste reduction, management and recycling; rural
energy, including renewables and sustainable biomass; ecosystem management to
help build adaptive capacity and resilience to the inevitable impacts of
climate change are some of the areas of work that can be submitted for the
These projects should already be in implementation and preferably benefiting developing economies, particularly the rural communities.

Nominations for the 2009-10 UNEP Sasakawa Prize will be accepted from 1 August
- 30 September.
http://www.unep. org/sasakawa/ nomination. asp

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