20 December 2008

[sobat-hutan] Natural Resources Conservation Center Allows Monkey Trading

Reflection: This is  "mongkey business" of the Indonesian  goverment

Natural Resources Conservation Center Allows Monkey Trading
Friday, 19 December, 2008 | 19:26 WIB

TEMPO Interactive, Padang: The Natural Resources Conservation Center in West Sumatra allows the trading of monkey with long tails (Macaca fascicularis). There have been 1,500 monkeys caught this year.

"We just gave permission for 100 monkeys, but they were held at Merak Harbor in Banten on Tuesday (16/12) and were brought back to Padang," said the center's head in West Sumatra Indra Arinal, Friday (19/12).

These monkeys are not permitted to enter Java by the Animal Quarantine Center at Merak Harbor.

Indra said the Forestry Department allowed 1,500 monkey with long tails in West Sumatra to be caught.

"The monkey is a wild animal that has been disturbing farming lands," he said.

Indra said that in order to gain permission to allow people to catch the monkey, the center had been through a long process with a recommendation from the Indonesian Science Institution.


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