01 November 2008

[sobat-hutan] Vacancy Fauna & Flora International Aceh Programme

Fauna & Flora International Aceh Programme


Is implementing a programme of sustainable landscape management for the Ulu Masen Forest, integrating forest conservation and environmentally sound development planning and is seeking applications for the following positions.


A. Policy Manager (PM),1 person

B. Community Forestry Coordinator (CFC), 1 person

C. Mukim Planning Coordinator (MPC), 1 person

D. Institutional Strengthening Coordinator (ISC), 1 person

E. Institutional Strengthening Officer (ISO), 1 person

F. Livelihood Officer (LO), 2 person:

1. LO in Western Area (LO-WA)

2. LO in Eastern Area (LO-EA)

G. Community Forestry Officer (CFO), 5 person:

1. CFO in Pante Ceurmen – Aceh Jaya (CFO-PC)

2. CFO in Krueng Sabee – Aceh Jaya (CFO-KS)

3. CFO in Sarah Raya – Aceh Jaya (CFO-SR)

4. CFO in Aceh Barat (CFO-AB)

5. CFO in Geumpang – Pidie (CFO-G)


Please visit www.ffi.or.id klik url this http://www.ffi.or.id/id/pusatdata/9/tahun/2008/bulan/11/tanggal/01/id/78/

or write to CBCjobs@ffi.or.id stating the job code to request further details of the above positions before submitting a letter of application and CV, by 14th November 2008.





Dewa Gumay

Information Coordinator, Fauna & Flora International Aceh Programme


Contact: +62-812-6931990

Website: http://ffi.or.id

Weblog: http://dewagumay.wordpress.com



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