09 December 2007

[sobat-hutan] Indonesia demands protection of tropical forests

Refleksi: Menuntut boleh saja, tetapi sebaiknya juga harus bisa memberikan contoh  dan jaminan bahwa hutan tropis negeri sendiri dilindungi. Bila tidak bisa apa yang diucapkan adalah hembusan kata-kata yang tidak bermakna.

12/09/07 10:35

Indonesia demands protection of tropical forests

Nusa Dua, Indonesia (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian forest minister called for an international recognition for the protection of tropical forests, on the Forest Day of the UN Climate Change Conference in Bali on Saturday.

Indonesia expected an international agreement which would create incentives for sustainable forest management via market mechanisms, Malam Sambat Kaban said in Nusa Dua.

Indonesia and other countries with tropical forests have been pressing for financial rewards to protect the woodlands.

The clearing of tropical forests contributes 20 per cent of annual greenhouse gas emissions. A reduction of emissions had to be more lucrative than the commercial use of forests by cattle breeders, plantation owners or paper combines, it was argued.

The Bali conference discusses whether countries which protect their tropical forests could in exchange get emission certificates, which could then be bought by producers of greenhouse gases who have to reduce their emissions.

A reduction of emissions caused by deforestation and damage to forests had to be part of the climate agreement that would come into force after the Kyoto protocol, the minister was quoted by DPA as saying
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